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1. Can effectively kill ants, keeping you away from those annoying insects.

2. Can remain its ant killing efficacy for a longer time when under dry conditions.

3. Very easy to use: just put the powder bait at the place that those ants haunt.

4. Applicable to various places, especially for large-scale public places, and also have some killing efficacy for cockroaches.

5.Low-toxic, safe and sanitary, environment-friendly.

6.An attractant with strong effect and a bait ants love to eat.

7.A powerful and immediate killing effect.

8.Long-lasting effect in eliminating a wide range of insects.

9.Small dosage, non-polluting and not easily to develop drug resistance.


Description :

This 1.8 Liter Meat & Vegetable Grinder Blender is the NEWEST EDITION up to date Compact Simple Meat Grinder / Blender. It is capable of grinding/blending Meat and Vegetable with Ease. Just press the top button, and the grinder/blender shall blend on our will, and release the button to stop grinding/blending.
Easy Grind / Blend
Press To Blend Button [ Release to stop grind/blend ]
Easy to wash
Grind/Blend Meat & Vegetable
Material : Transparent PC Material

Volume : 1.8 Liters

Color : Red / Green [ RANDOMLY GIVEN ]

Power : 250W

Voltage : 220V - 50Hz

Packaging Size : 18.5cm(L) x 18.5cm(W) x 23.5cm(H)

*Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements

Packaging Weight : 1.4 kg

Volume Metric Weight : 3 kg


Highlight :

Color: White
Size: 19"H x 13"W x 13"D
Vertical pyramid design allows for easy access
Allows you to match lids with the relevant pots or pans
Save up to 300% of cabinet space without messy stacking or nesting
Easy to assemble, no tools required - Just snap on!
Can store up to 14 pieces of cookware and 4 lids
Fits standard cabinet (15" or wider)


Heat Level adjuster (OFF, 1-5)

Light Weight Compact Portable


Product Description

Built with aviation aluminium alloy material.
Water resistant : Can be used in rain.
LED bulb lifespan : 100,000hours.
Powered by : 1x 18650 3.7v Battery.
Model of LED: CREE Q5 LED
One button switch with 3-mode : High, Low and Strobe.
Size (mm) : 156( Length ) x 34( head diameter ) x 28( body diameter )
Weight : 176g.
3000mAh 3.7V 18650 Li-ion rechargeable Battery.
Batter can be recharged up to1000 cycles.1
100% quality Japanese battery cells.
Battery Dimension: Approx: 69mm(height) x 18mm (diameter)C
charger with stabilize charging mode with low voltage stabilizer.
Cannot charge other type of battery.
Charger power input : 50/60Hz,100-240V AC
Charger charging current : 350MA X 2.
What is in the package

1 unit SWAT Led Flashlight
1 unit home charger
1 unit rechargeable Lithium Battery.



1) Touch key to control multi-functional button to control power on/off, answer/hang up call, play/pause music etc. Giving you better hand-free experience 
2) Outstanding sound quality, 3D Surround Sound and double-cavity sound holes. The sound is crystal clear with built-in microphone for in-car or sports use for answering calls to ensure safety and avoid missing important calls.
3) Portable Charging Case & Long Battery Life : Portable charge box with 300mAh rechargeable battery.
4) Fast stable Connect &Wide Compatibility : Latest Bluetooth V5.0+ EDR offer stereo surround sound, faster pairing and stable connectivity. The range of use can up to 33"FT. Support ios and Android system,Noise cancellation technology reduces ambient noise and echo, enable clear sound no matter in calls or in music time. 

Touch Control Feature
1. Once short touch to Play (Pause) music / Answer calling ;
2. Three short touch for Left(Right) earphone for Next (Last) music ;
3. Take out of case for Turn ON and put back to case for Turn OFF ;
4. 3s Long touch to wake up Siri .

● Macaroon colors: Pink, Yellow, Light Blue, Green
● Premium colors: Black, Grey, Dark Blue, White
● Support Android & ios.
● Stylish appearance, invisible ultra-small size 
● Fine scrub, skin-friendly feel
● Fit your ear perfectly for comfortable wearing
● With 300 mAh charging box for long duration 
● Clear talking and premium sound quality 

Package Content:
1 * A Pair of Earphones
1 * Charging Case
1 * USB Charge Cable
1 * User Manual



*4 gears Battery Display

* Updated CREE LED & Super Bright lampu suluh

* 4 Lighting Adjustable Modes

* USB Rechargeable Flashlight

*Waterproof & Dustproof

*Strong Shell



Ice Crusher Equipment Manual Planer Ice is equipped with a plastic material that is safe and of high quality, as well as the blade material made of stainless steel.

Ice Crusher Tools Planer Es [Manual] Planer ice manual Operation is easy, simply turn off the top Safe to use


Not using electricity

Material: Plastic

Material knife: Stainless steel

Warranty Policy:

We will be check and ensure all items are in good condition.


Description :
Spice Jar Spice Tower is a 6 pcs jar which is stackable into a tower form. These independant jars are capable of storing spices. Besides spices, other ingredients like sugar ,salt and any other ingredients deem suitable could be stored within the jar container itself.

Features :

Space Efficient

Product Material : ABS

Product Weight : 260 gram
Packaging Weight : 700 gram
Volume Metric Weight : 800 gram
NOTE : How to calculate Volume Metric

[(L) x (W) x (H)] = Answer (divide by 5000)

NOTE : The heavier weight between Packaging Weight or Volume Metric Weight will be chosen for shipping weight

Packaging Dimension : 8.5cm(L) x 8.5cm(W) x 36cm(H)
Product Dimension : 7.5cm(Diameter) x 7.5cm(H)[Per Jar]


Brand New and high quality.
After unplugging the power supply, the whole body of the hot pot can be washed, convenient and hygienic.
Reduce soot, easy to clean
Visualized tempered glass lid, explosion-proof, the edging of the lid is made of silicone seal ring and stainless steel, as well as stainless steel venting holes to prevent overflow pot
External temperature controller design, make full use of heat energy, free temperature control, free adjustment, waterproof socket, safe
Five-speed temperature adjustment, when the rated temperature is exceeded, it will automatically power off, lower than the selected temperature, it will automatically turn on
360°Three-dimensional circulation heating to make food evenly heated and heat food efficiently

Inner Material: Aluminum alloy
Power: 1300W
Voltage: 220V
Applicable: 3-8 People
Capacity: 6L (Safety capacity: 5L)
Wall thickness: 3mm
Inner Depth:7cm/3.93"(appr.

Product Features:
Fried, grilled, fried, boiled, stewed this grill does everything
The appearance of luxury
Makes cooking meals easy & fast
Lightweight and portable
Safety power charging design
Product Material : Stainless Steel
Product Weight : 2.5kg
Product Size : 31.5cm x 42cm x 20cm
Product Color : Black, Red

Package included:
1 X Electric Hot Pot


Changeable Measuring Unit
10KG Measuring limit



Ready Stock in Malaysia

Product 100% Original. Asli
Imported from Indonesia.
Product are limited. While stock last.. Until restock.
Cuba sekali, pasti puas Hati!

HOT IN CREAM adalah krim analgesik untuk meredakan penat, pegal, sakit otot dan sakit sendi.

Tidak Meleket dan mudah meresap, panas yang memberikan rasa nyaman dan relaks maksimal

Mengandung bahan alami seperti minyak sireh, gandapura, menthol, dan minyak pinus sehingga aman digunakan sehari-hari.

HOTIN CREAM, panasnya pas, HOT-nya IN sampai ke dalam.

Treat al sports injuries. relieves pain and enhance your body's to receover and heal daster
HARDERS WORKOUTS RECOVERYFASTER : Reduce injuries to joints and muscle tissue so you can have safer harder workouts and a faster recovery
REDUCE HELP OF PAIN PILLS : by reducing of your body's occurence of injuries when usedbefore and after, oral pain killer use can be reduced.
USE BEFORE AND AFTER WORKOUTS OR ANY ACTIVITIES : support you staying active and enjoy the life at it best by supporting your body and preventing injuries
-For symptomatic relief from joint pains , inflammation ,backache, sprains, myositis, fibrositis, lumbago.

- Apply appropriate amount of the cream on the affected area, massage until totally absorbed


Helps Relieve Pain From:

Sore muscles and muscle sprains, back, shoulder, neck pain, arthritis, painful ankle, knee, hip and elbow joints, muscular strains, tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis


1. Don't use the cream on broken skin or wound; Keep away from the eyes and sensitive areas.
2. Only for external use.
3. If you feel uncomfortable during use, please stop using right away; If need, please go to see doctor.

4. Suitable for children above 6 years; Please kkeep out of reach of children.

Fast absoption
Giving warm feeling deep penetrating into the muscle.
Felt relaxes after use

  • Material: Iron
  • Color: Black + red
  • Screw length: 5cm / 2in
  • Item size: Shown as picture
  • Weight: Approx.1.2kg

100% PURE HONEY produced in the middle jungle of BORNEO ISLAND.

Setiap madu hasıl rasa nya berbeza, mengikut habitats, bunga dan cuaca.
Jika rasa nya sentiasa sama maka madu itu tak asli.

COD boleh PM
Boleh langsung cuba sebelum beli.

It is free from chemical contaminations such as pesticides & fertilizers.
Our honey is rich in vitamins and natural goodness that is easily absorbed into the human body.
Our Natural Borneo Honey and Bee Pollen are collected and packaged under stringent quality controls, health and safety measures.
This ensures that the honey that is produced for your enjoyment is of the highest standard and purest quality. Regular application of bee honey can provide nourishment and help prevent illnesses
Other Health Benefits
- Contains antioxidants that reduce cell destruction by free radicals
- Increase stamina and energy supply - Boosts sexual vigor and virility
- Boosts body metabolism
- Improves wound healing
- Improves blood circulation
- Improves digestive system
- Makes skin smooth and tender In order to assure our customers of the standard of our products,
we subject our honey to the most rigorous testing requirements.

– one teaspoonful two times daily
– two teaspoonfuls two times daily (half an hour early morning and before sleep)
Storage: Store at room temperature Protect from direct sunlight. Do not keep in refrigerator.
Disclaimer: Do not feed honey to babies who are 1 years or younger.

This Kelulut bees produce honey and propolis rich in antioxidants. Slightly different with ordinary honey bees, honey from the Kelulut bees is light in color, it taste is not like the other honey, its not as sweet, sweet flavor it more earthly. Sometimes it can taste like some wood. Because the nest is near to the group, like in a tree stump and difference from the normal honey bee which up high in the tree.
Propolis can also function as anti-fungal, anti fungus, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that is commonly used as active ingredients in cosmetics, creams and tablets. Kelulut honey is still in the research and potential commercialization.
Antioxidants have many functions, especially in the cancer problem. Among the reported illnesses cured through traditional treatment methods is the use of propolis are :
-diabetes mellifluous
- stroke
- hepatitis
- cancer
- hypertension
- kidney stones
- and HIV / AIDS.

madu yang tinggi kandungan royal jelly berbanding madu biasa, membantu menstabilkan hormon wanita, membantu kesuburan dan meningkatkan keintiman semasa bersama suami. ...Mengandungi enzim yang tinggi untuk penghadaman dan baik untuk ibu mengandung.
madu yang tinggi kandungan Bee Pollen (Debunga) berbanding madu biasa. Ia mengandungi protein yang banyak dan membantu pembinaan sel-sel badan dan untuk tenaga segera yang semulajadi. Dan juga meningkatkan ketahanan semasa bersama isteri.



Can be used to remove blackhead, acne and clean face deeply, reduce wrinkles, increasing blood circulation in the skin. Face lifting and tightening for V shape face.

1. Comes with 4 exchangeable heads and 5 speeds, which is suitable for different skin.
2. USB rechargeable and portable, convenient to use.
3. Type: Vacuum
4. Color: White, Pink (Optional)
5. Input Voltage: DC 5V
6. Current: ≤1A
7. Power: 4W
8. Battery Capacity: 800mAh
9. Weight: 299g

Instruction Of Different Heads:
Diamond Head:
With more than 100 thousands natural mineral microcrystalline particles and high absorption, it can scrub and exfoliate the dead skin, and suck it out, so to repair skin and remove wrinkle and acne without hurting skin.
Using area:
Any area on face except the area around the eyes, and the area has wrinkles and rough is suitable to use, such as: elbow, knee and ankle.

Big Circular Hole Head:
With strong suction, it can remove blackhead effectively, promoting blood and lymphatic circulation, letting the skin rejuvenate again. Can be applied to blackheads and V face.
Using area:
Any area on face except around the eyes.

Small Circular Hole Head:
Suction is weak, which can be used to remove blackhead at the sensitive area.
Using area:
Can be used on sensitive area such as: the area around the eyes.

Oval Hole Head:
Firming skin, removing fine wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity. Suitable for canthus, the corner of mouth and other areas where easy to have fine lines to prevent the growing of wrinkles.
Using area:
Can be used on sensitive area, such as, the area around the eyes, the corner of mouth and also other areas.

Package Included:
1 x Blackhead Remover
1 x Big Circular Hole Head
1 x Small Circular Hole Head
1 x Oval Hole Head
1 x Diamond Head
1 x Sponges
1 x Silica Gel Rings
1 x USB Charging Wire
1 x Manual

1. Before Use: Make sure that the pores are completely open after having a hot bath or taking exercise and keep the face moist.

2. During Use: Please move it slowly along the skin. Don't stay at one place for a long time to avoid hurting your skin. It can suck out fat, whiteheads, acne and relatively shallow blackheads. If the blackhead is relatively deep, it is best to use it together with derived lotion. It doesn't matter that can't suck out the blackhead when you use it for one time. Don't take a long time for each time suction. With a period of time, a week or two, the blackheads that are more deep will be out, and will not leave scars.

3. After Use: You can make a skin care by using the toner or cold water to shrink pores. It is recommended to consult the manual.

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- You never need to switch blades.

- Chop up vegetables, nuts, & fruits, quickly and easily.

- With every slap, the finer the food gets.

- Easy to clean and dishwasher safe!