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Color: White
Size: 19"H x 13"W x 13"D
Vertical pyramid design allows for easy access
Allows you to match lids with the relevant pots or pans
Save up to 300% of cabinet space without messy stacking or nesting
Easy to assemble, no tools required - Just snap on!
Can store up to 14 pieces of cookware and 4 lids
Fits standard cabinet (15" or wider)


Description :

This seasoning rack is a clear PP plastic seasoning storage with 4 independant seasoning container. The container featured is with a flip open lid cover and is included serving spoon to ease taking the spices and/or seasonings.

Product is environmentally friendly, nontoxic material not harmful to the human body substances.
Used for kitchen storage of different spices seasonings
Used to hold a variety of condiments like salt, spice, pepper, sugar, turmeric, etc
Comes with 4 condiment storage container and a rack
Product Material : PP material
Product Color : Translucent

Dimension : 25.5cm(L) x 9.5cm(W) x 7.5cm(H)
Packaging Estimation Size : 26.5cm x 11cm x 8.5cm

*Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements

Packaging Weight : 750 gram

Volume Metric Weight : 800 gram

NOTE : Packaging Weight is a rough estimated packaging weight include wrapping and boxing. Each product wrapping may vary in weight. Packaging Weight or Volume Metric Weight may be heavier than actual product weight in order to accommodate delivery requirements.



1) Touch key to control multi-functional button to control power on/off, answer/hang up call, play/pause music etc. Giving you better hand-free experience
2) Outstanding sound quality, 3D Surround Sound and double-cavity sound holes. The sound is crystal clear with built-in microphone for in-car or sports use for answering calls to ensure safety and avoid missing important calls.
3) Portable Charging Case & Long Battery Life : Portable charge box with 300mAh rechargeable battery.
4) Fast stable Connect &Wide Compatibility : Latest Bluetooth V5.0+ EDR offer stereo surround sound, faster pairing and stable connectivity. The range of use can up to 33"FT. Support iOS and Android system,Noise cancellation technology reduces ambient noise and echo, enable clear sound no matter in calls or in music time.

Touch Control Feature
1. Once short touch to Play (Pause) music / Answer calling ;
2. Three short touch for Left(Right) earphone for Next (Last) music ;
3. Take out of case for Turn ON and put back to case for Turn OFF ;
4. 3s Long touch to wake up Siri (iPhone).

● Macaroon colors: Pink, Yellow, Light Blue, Green
● Premium colors: Black, Grey, Dark Blue, White
● Support Android & iOS
● Stylish appearance, invisible ultra-small size
● Fine scrub, skin-friendly feel
● Fit your ear perfectly for comfortable wearing
● With 300 mAh charging box for long duration
● Clear talking and premium sound quality

Package Content:
1 * A Pair of Earphones
1 * Charging Case
1 * USB Charge Cable
1 * User Manual


Description :

The HZA-34 is a compact portable electric powered cooking stove. The stove is flat and round shaped, it heats up when the power is on. Due to it's small size, it is really compact and portable to be brought and stored anywhere.

NOTE : [SAFETY FEATURE] Automatic Thermal Cutoff shall occur after long heating periods. After cooling down, it is able to use again. *Take note, Appearance of smoke and smell odor will be noticed due to the heating of heated metal plate [Normal].

Round Shape Cook Area
Space Saving
Model : HZA-34

Power : 1000W

Voltage : 220v ~ 50Hz

Color : Chrome / White (RANDOMLY GIVEN)

Product Dimension : COOK AREA 22cm x 22cm

*Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements

SKU Code : 1000010001867

Packaging Weight : 1.2 kg

Volume Metric Weight : 2 kg


Description :

This 1.8 Liter Meat & Vegetable Grinder Blender is the NEWEST EDITION up to date Compact Simple Meat Grinder / Blender. It is capable of grinding/blending Meat and Vegetable with Ease. Just press the top button, and the grinder/blender shall blend on our will, and release the button to stop grinding/blending.
Easy Grind / Blend
Press To Blend Button [ Release to stop grind/blend ]
Easy to wash
Grind/Blend Meat & Vegetable
Material : Transparent PC Material

Volume : 1.8 Liters

Color : Red / Green [ RANDOMLY GIVEN ]

Power : 250W

Voltage : 220V - 50Hz

Packaging Size : 18.5cm(L) x 18.5cm(W) x 23.5cm(H)

*Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements

Packaging Weight : 1.4 kg

Volume Metric Weight : 3 kg



Ice Crusher Equipment Manual Planer Ice is equipped with a plastic material that is safe and of high quality, as well as the blade material made of stainless steel.

Ice Crusher Tools Planer Es [Manual] Planer ice manual Operation is easy, simply turn off the top Safe to use


Not using electricity

Material: Plastic

Material knife: Stainless steel

Warranty Policy:

We will be check and ensure all items are in good condition.



Product are imported.

Punya tahi lalat atau kutil di wajah, kaki, tangan atau bagian lain tubuh kamu bikin Gak Pede ?? Sekarang Telah Hadir Lotion Ampuh !! Tanpa Operasi & juga tanpa rasa sakit lohhh

So..bukan masalah lagi buat kamu yang punya harapan untuk ngilangin tahi lalat & kutil yg 100% aman untuk dipakai & sudah terdaftar di Dep.Kes.RI juga (NoCD 0301491998) SWISS PARIS adalah Lotion Penghilang Tahi Lalat,Andeng-Andeng & Kutil (mata ikan) Hanya Dalam Waktu min 10 Hari !!

Kocok / aduk terlebih dahulu, lalu ambil tusuk gigi / cotton bud yang untuk bayi.
Pertama oleskan sebesar tahi lalat atau kutil yang akan dihilangkan, tunggu -+ 15 menit lalu dilap dengan kapas basah. Kedua oleskan lagi lalu biarkan saja tanpa dilap kembali dan segera oleskan salep "bioplacenton" untuk mencegah bekas luka yang timbul.

- Gunakan swiss paris pada malam hari saat mau tidur, jadi keesokan harinya langsung mandi / kena air tidak masalah
- Untuk tahi lalat / kutil yang agak besar, keesokan hari nya setelah mandi oleskan swiss nya kembali cukup 1x saja
- Jika selama 10 hari tahi lalat / kutil belum lepas seluruhnya, boleh dioles kembali secukupnya seperti langkah awal

1. Jangan sesekali mengoles pakai jari hingga mengenai kulit sekitar selain tahi lalat / kutil yang dituju, karena bisa membuat kulit sekitar ikut luka apalagi untuk yang memiliki kulit sensitif.
2. Siapkan obat anti infeksi (obat luka) Betadin atau obat luka bakar seperti Bioplacenton.
3. Ketika digunakan reaksi normal tahi lalat akan terlihat melebar / berdarah, itu berarti lotion sedang bekerja untuk mengelupas akar tahi lalat / kutil, jadi sebaiknya biarkan lotion bekerja tanpa diutak-atik dengan tangan.

Skin Tag Remover Skin tags, are soft, skin-colored flaps of skin that extend out from various parts on your body. They generally do not cause pain unless rubbed frequently or twisted and are not a medical threat.

The liquid may dry the tag until it falls off. Clean your desired area. Apply the lotion. Wait for - +15min. Lotion will dry off. Wash it. Apply for 2nd time before sleep and let it dry. Wait for - +10days. Skin tags will dry and fall off.
If the Warts is big, you might need to repeat the process again.
If within 10days, still have remaining tags, you may repeat the same process. This skin tag remover is the perfect solution that's safe and natural! No need for an entire skin tag kit, simply the Skin Tag Remover!

Feature Homeopathic Topical Remedy: 100% Natural. Great skin tag remover for all skin types and sensitive areas!

Package includes 1 Swiss Paris Lotion
#wartstreatment #wart #Skincare #treatment #facewartsremover #wartsremoval #moleremover


Professional Automotive Maximum Strength Scracth Remover Instantly Easily Quickly

Instantly removes surface scratches, swirl marks, and haze.
The effective professional strength BF Goodrich Carbopol resin buffs out scratches on any car in seconds.
Makes scratches disappear in seconds. Avoid expensive and time consuming body shop repairs to your car.
Quick, easy & effortlessly. Applies in seconds and easily buffs away.
Works on all colors and finishes.
Suitable for cars, motorcycles, bikes, RVs, boats, ATV and even appliances.
Restores the shine to hazy, worn surfaces on all color vehicles. Once applied, it offers protection against further scratches.


Changeable Measuring Unit
10KG Measuring limit


Anything that you cut using the Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Knife and Cutting Board falls onto the cutting board attached to the sheers. Cut, chop and slice fruits and vegetables, and add them directly into the pot, over the salads or reserve for recipe. 

2 in 1 knife and cutting board 
Chops & slices in Seconds 
Ergonomic grip is easy on hands 
Premium stainless steel blade 
Safety latch keeps it closed
Easy to clean & dishwasher safe 
Mount on any knife block or 
Store in your kitchen draw 


Powerful handheld Speedy Chopper with cyclonic action.
Multi-functional : Can be used as a Chopper, Cutter, Shredder, Mincer or Grinder.
Great as a vegetable chopper, salad chopper, onion chopper (no tears), garlic chopper, herb chopper or as a general-purpose manual food chopper.
Perfect for slicing and mixing vegetable/fruit salads, pureeing various foods for baby, chopping nuts, herbs, veggies, dried chili, pesto, hummus, salsa, guacamole, meat for meatloaf or meat patties, ice, and more.
You can also make dips and chutneys in it.
New Upgraded version - more durable, better quality, thicker & TRIPLE STAINLESS STEEL BLADES.
Reinforced tug/pull rope for durability.
Sharper 3 dimensional stainless steel blades make cutting better.
Hand-Pull design. Easy to use and handle. No battery or electricity needed. Just pull the tug string.
The number of pulls control how fine the chop will be, from very coarse to a fine puree.
The large handle and pull cord store neatly on top of the lid.
Lid locks in place.
Features comfort soft grip lid, anti-skid base, Food grade, BPA-free thick transparent plastic container that’s non-toxic and odor-free.
Easy to clean. Components come apart for easy cleaning.


Brand New and high quality.
After unplugging the power supply, the whole body of the hot pot can be washed, convenient and hygienic.
Reduce soot, easy to clean
Visualized tempered glass lid, explosion-proof, the edging of the lid is made of silicone seal ring and stainless steel, as well as stainless steel venting holes to prevent overflow pot
External temperature controller design, make full use of heat energy, free temperature control, free adjustment, waterproof socket, safe
Five-speed temperature adjustment, when the rated temperature is exceeded, it will automatically power off, lower than the selected temperature, it will automatically turn on
360°Three-dimensional circulation heating to make food evenly heated and heat food efficiently

Inner Material: Aluminum alloy
Power: 1300W
Voltage: 220V
Applicable: 3-8 People
Capacity: 6L (Safety capacity: 5L)
Wall thickness: 3mm
Inner Depth:7cm/3.93"(appr.

Product Features:
Fried, grilled, fried, boiled, stewed this grill does everything
The appearance of luxury
Makes cooking meals easy & fast
Lightweight and portable
Safety power charging design
Product Material : Stainless Steel
Product Weight : 2.5kg
Product Size : 31.5cm x 42cm x 20cm
Product Color : Black, Red

Package included:
1 X Electric Hot Pot